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TheLittleOne vs Cutter (HuskyStarcraft)


Dimaga vs TheLittleOne (Drakor)

1v1, BlizzCon 2010, Dimaga, Drakor, Showmatch, TheLittleOne, Metalopolis, Zerg, ZvZ

TheLittleOne vs Sen (PsyStarcraft)

BratOK vs TheLittleOne (Day[9])

IdrA vs TheLittleOne (Day[9], JP McDaniel)

TesteR vs TheLittleOne (Day[9])

HuK vs TheLittleOne (Day[9], JP McDaniel)

Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
1v1, Beta, Blistering Sands, Day[9], HuK, JP McDaniel, Lost Temple, Protoss, PvT, Razer King of the Beta, Steppes of War, Terran, TheLittleOne