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Day[9] vs Tasteless (Day[9])

1v1, Beta, Blistering Sands, Day[9], Day[9], Protoss, PvT, Tasteless, Terran


Day[9] vs Jinro (Day[9])

Day[9] vs Zion (Day[9])

Day[9] vs MoonGlade (Day[9])

Day[9] vs Win (Day[9])

Tasteless vs Day[9] (HDstarcraft, HuskyStarcraft)

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Game 4

Game 5

Game 6

1v1, Beta, Blistering Sands, Day[9],HDstarcraft,HuskyStarcraft, Kulas Ravine, Lost Temple,Metalopolis, Protoss,PvP, PvT, PvZ, Scrap Station, Showmatch,Steppes of War,Tasteless, Terran, TvT,Zerg, ZvZ

Day[9] vs Tasteless (HDstarcraft, HuskyStarcraft)

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

1v1, Beta, Blistering Sands, Day[9], HDH Invitational, HDstarcraft,HuskyStarcraft, Lost Temple, Protoss, PvT,PvZ, Steppes of War,Tasteless, Terran, Zerg