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Category Archives: iCCup TV Extravaganza – Pro KOTH

CheAse vs Sinatra (HuskyStarcraft)

1v1, AskJoshy, Beta,CheAse, HuskyStarcraft,King of the Hill, Protoss,PvT, Sinatra, Steppes of War, Terran, iCCup TV Extravaganza – Pro KOTH


Dimaga vs Sinatra (HuskyStarcraft)

1v1, AskJoshy, Beta,Dimaga, HuskyStarcraft,King of the Hill, Kulas Ravine, Protoss, PvZ,Sinatra, Zerg, iCCup TV Extravaganza – Pro KOTH

Dimaga vs Suggy (HuskyStarcraft)

1v1, AskJoshy, Beta,Dimaga, HuskyStarcraft,King of the Hill, Scrap Station, Suggy, Zerg,ZvZ, iCCup TV Extravaganza – Pro KOTH

ViRaLRuSh vs RobotFerret (HuskyStarcraft)

1v1, AskJoshy, Beta,HuskyStarcraft, King of the Hill, Lost Temple,Protoss, PvP,RoboFerret, ViRaLRuSh,iCCup TV Extravaganza – Pro KOTH

GoddeR vs RoboFerret (HuskyStarcraft)

1v1, AskJoshy, Beta,GoddeR, HuskyStarcraft,King of the Hill, Lost Temple, Protoss, PvZ,RoboFerret, Zerg, iCCup TV Extravaganza – Pro KOTH

RoboFerret vs Socke (HuskyStarcraft)

1v1, AskJoshy, Beta,HuskyStarcraft, King of the Hill, Metalopolis,Protoss, PvP,RoboFerret, Socke,iCCup TV Extravaganza – Pro KOTH